Resource Center represents a mechanism for creating an enabling environment for civil society. Resource Center provides information, training and services to non-governmental organizations, individuals and groups in order to empower and enable them for public action, representation and advocacy to solve everyday problems and needs of all social groups in communities in southwestern Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Resource Center offers:

-          A database of local civil society organizations in 11 targeted municipalities.

-          Books and publications in the field of civil society.

-          Information on calls for proposals and the educational programs.

-          Training for representatives of non-governmental organizations in the following areas: management of 

            nongovernmental organizations, strategic planning, fundraising, project proposal writing, project cycle management,

            financial management and accounting of nongovernmental organizations, mobilizing local community, communication

            with the public, communication with the media, organizing and implementation of campaigns, and advocacy.

-          Equipment and provides logistical services to other non-governmental organizations to organize their events

           (seminars, presentations, conferences, etc.).

-          Advices and trainings related to financial management in NGOs.

-          Information about implementation of the Agreement signed between NGOs and local authorities in 11 targeted               


-          Possibility for partnership to non-governmental organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond,

           with whom share the same value and principles.


On links below, you'll find database of local civil society organizations in the municipalities:

1. Livno
2. Tomislavgrad
3. Bosansko Grahovo
4. Kupres
5. Drvar
6. Glamoč
7. Posušje
8. Grude
9. Ljubuški
10. Široki Brijeg
11. Citluk

The Regional Resource Center flyer

The Resource Centre was founded on the initiative of the Centre for Promotion of Civil Society in 2011. It could be approached via website

Resursni centar CGS Livno - Resursni centar CGS Livno

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